Monday, January 7, 2019

How to Keep Yourself Fit best health tips

Greed and Alice are the biggest enemies of Health (Health), which is near every human being and your body's fitness depends on how much greed and friend you have. Here we are talking about the greed of food and the excuse to exercise.

We often sleep by putting an alarm at night, that we will wake up at 6 in the morning, but our sleep is more important than our health, so we fall asleep after closing the alarm. The calculation of our food is also upside down. In that we do not ever come to know that only those who get spicy, sweet and sweet eat without understanding

We will not tell you at all that if you wake up at 6 in the morning, exercise or be fit, then do not eat spicy, sweet and sweet, do not eat anything else besides this, you can stay fit by doing your own, just for your greed and friend There will be a slight reduction.

Physical work

If you do Exercise every morning then it is a great thing and if you can not do it, do yourself small work throughout the day. Just like taking a vegetable from the market, instead of seeking sitting water, after drinking water, drinking water, cleaning, cleaning the stairs instead of lift and elevator, walking a little while walking home from work, school or college Etc. These things will also be your day-long exercise and you will be fit.

Eating less sugar and salt 

There is no doubt that more sweet diabetes and obesity lead to it. We think that will not eat sweet after today. Some days also control themselves, but then the mind is attracted. So what to do now that the taste is also taken and health is also good ?? It is true that sugar and salt can not be done without eating but your health (health) can be absolutely right by eating less sweet and salty i.e. if you put one teaspoon of sugar in the tea, then halve it. For some days you will feel tired but you will gradually become habituated. Similarly, if you eat sweets once a week, then change this habit once in two weeks.

Eat less fried 

Samosse, Kachodi, Chaumin or Kya Jong Food is the most favorite of the logo. Seeing them, water comes in the mouth and it does not move away. You can not avoid it altogether by wanting it but eating such things daily or in 2-3 days without eating it for a day or two. Like on Sunday or Saturday. Eating them daily causes great harm to your body. But eating it once or twice a week will not only harm your health but will also get a taste. In this way you can also maintain your diet.

Regular checkup 

Get your body checked regularly This will keep you informed of your blood sugar level, blood pressure level etc. and the diagnosis of any disease will be going on in time. We are not saying that you get your check up every month but you can get your check up once a year. As for the person above 35 years of age, they should get their blood checked every year.....

These are some small things that you can easily adopt and be healthy. You do not have to leave anything or you have to make some difficult decisions for this, just need to compromise some things for your health.

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