Saturday, February 23, 2019

How to protect skin in summer?

Increasing temperance does not only harm the color, also gives skin diseases such as fungus, itching. If you want to avoid these, then prepare for it.

A slight negligence in the summer season can cause serious diseases related to the skin. Dehydration, due to acne, sweating and dirt on oily skin, having problems like fungal infections and itching is common in this season. The exact reduction of the polluting environment is complete. The weather does not have any effect on the skin of your summer, for this, some things should be kept in mind. By keeping in mind the things given below, you can make your skin better during the summer season.

1. You may feel uncomfortable for some body parts such as palms, soles, excessive sweating. In this situation, you can use antiperspirant cream with the advice of dermatologist. Try to wash more hands and feet apart. In keeping with Hygiene (Hygiene), Hand Sanitizer can also be used.

2. Mulatani can use soil coating to keep the underarms warm during summer. Massaging the sweat of underarms can also be reduced by massage with vitamin E or coconut oil.

3. Keep the towel's napkin in the cold weather with you so that the skin does not get rashage while cleaning the sweat, it also causes rashes on the skin due to its itching and can also be fractured. Once rash or red spots are cleaned with rose water and place coconut oil on that part.

4. Many people bath with hot water for the whole year, do not do it. If you are still forced by habit then do not take too long, because the use of hot water reduces the moisture content of your skin. The result becomes skinish.

5. Staying in the air conditioner for longer periods will have adverse effect on your skin and the skin will become dry. So also pay attention to this.

6. To maintain facial glow, clean the face with at least 3-4 times cold water Mild Cleanser in the day.

7. After a research, it has been concluded that about 90% of Primacheroising cases are found due to excessive sunburn. To avoid this, do not forget to put sunscreen on your face whenever you get out of the house. Make sure to scrub regularly to remove facial dad cells.

8. In summer the energy of the body is high. Eat fresh and juicy fruits to regain energy.

9. Mix 2 teaspoons of pure honey twice a week, 20 drops of lemon juice, half a spoon of cream or country ghee (cow's cow) and 1 spoon of barley flour and apply it on face and neck. After half an hour, clean the face and neck with cinchine water and add vitamin cream. If there is a skin auli, do not use cream and then apply the cream instead of the mosquito.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Homemade Beauty Tips

Boys and Girls Beauty tips

We all look beautiful from inside and have a desire for erroneous skin. But as we all know, shelf, commercial, beauty products can be so expensive. Apart from this, many of them have harsh elements that can be detrimental to you. Make the toxic substances and harmful chemicals found in the environment worse.

Our sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate diet, and alcohol and smoking also become an obstacle in our being beautiful and healthy. But, getting a healthy and beautiful color is not really a rocket science. With the natural homemade beauty tips given below and with some effort, you can fix the problem of every skin and can be breathtaking beautiful. To maintain your skin best, it is very important to understand its characteristics, needs and shortcomings. Determine your skin type, look for problems and then choose the appropriate home remedy for it.

1. Honey Face Mask, for Oily Skin: Raw honey is naturally a quick way to get anti-bacterial and soft, beautiful skin. Honey contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help in reducing oil secretion. Mix lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Apply this mixture to the face and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash it.

2. For Blackheads: Coriander leaves and turmeric powder face pack are a great solution for blackheads. Coriander works to clean dirt, while turmeric helps to extract extra oil in your skin. Grind coriander powder with two spoons of turmeric powder and make paste. Apply this paste to your face and keep it overnight. Wash it the next day with cold water. To get rid of blackhead, follow this routine, at least twice a week.

3. Face Pack for Dry Skin: Curd and Besan can do wonders for dry skin. Besan acts as a cleaning agent for the skin and the yogurt has moisturizing effect. Therefore, the face pack of curd and gram flour is a wonderful way to nourish the dry skin and remove the dead cells. To make a smooth paste, mix two tablespoons of gram flour, one spoon of curd, one spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Apply uniformly on your face and leave it for about five minutes and then wash it with cold water. You can do it regularly to treat dry skin.

4. For the Grain on the Face: Mix one small quantity of turmeric powder and two teaspoons of Mulani clay with half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Add a little lemon juice to make a paste and apply it on your face. Let it dry and then wash it with cold water.

Mutani Mitti is a rich source of magnesium chloride, and helps to reduce acne scars and keep skin clean. Whereas turmeric is an antiseptic and maintains the pH level of your skin.

5. To make the elbow and knee shine: Cut an orange from the middle and rub it on your elbow and knees. After that wash it.

6. Body Scrub: Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, one spoon of cinnamon, one spoon of grated ginger, a large spoon of brown sugar and a big flame of oats. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells, to get soft and more shiny skin.

7. Natural Shampoo: Mix ¼ cup apple vinegar with 1 cup of water. Use it as a shampoo to wash your hair.

8. Natural Conditioner: You can use avacado to prepare natural hair conditioners. Mix an egg yolks, a tablespoon of honey and a large spoon of avocado oil, with a grated avocado. Apply it to your hair and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then wash it.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Shahnaz Hussein Beauty Tips: Home Remedies for Women, will be Beautiful

Boys and Girls Beauty Tips

Your costume and make-up will look good only when there is a natural glow on the face and hair. Homemade face packs, hair treatments can be used for this. Know about some effective face packs and hair treatments.

Hariyali Tees Festival is celebrated in many northern states including Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh. Married women keep fast in this festival.

Wears wardrobe, dindi, bangles and beautiful garments. This makes them look very beautiful. If women take care of their skin even a day or two after the thirst, then the look and color will disappear. Some of these home remedies can be effective.

For the Face

In the earlier times, domestic rubbish was used to enhance physical beauty. This rubbish is made from a mixture of bran, gram flour, curd, cream and turmeric.

It is applied to the body before bathing. But before applying sour, sesame oil should massage the face and body. This eliminates the skin cells of the skin and softens the skin.

Another effective pack can be used to accelerate the face. To make it, mix one spoon of almond oil, curd, honey and rose water in two spoons of bran.

Mix powder of dried mint leaves in it (apply it on face), mix them together and make paste. Except the eyes and the lips, the rest should be on the whole face. Allow 30 minutes on face, wash with clean water later.

For Hair

Heat coconut oil and apply it on the hair to bring brightness on the face with the face on the face. After this, squeeze a towel in hot water and squeeze it. Wrap that towel on your head for 5 minutes. Repeat this method 3-4 times. Let oil stay in the hair for an hour, afterwards wash the head with clean water and shampoo.

For the Eyes

If your eyes are feeling tired due to lack of sleep, then your face will not be glowing. So, soak the cottonwool pad in the rose water for eyes. Close the eyes and use it like an eye pad. Lie down and relax for 10 minutes, it eliminates eye tension.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Beauty Tips For Girls

Boys and Girls Beauty Tips

Beauty tips for girls - Friends, nowadays, every girl always wants to look beautiful and juvenile, so today we will show beauty tips for girls in this post, especially for girls, so that they will always look freshened and beautiful And yet, why not always be happy with being happy, all our work goes on growing easily. 

And every difficulty of life seems to be easy too, so try to keep yourself as good as possible. The first beauty secrets is that you always use mascara whether you are a 18-20 year old or a housewife. Mascara makes four eyes in your eyes and it keeps the eye charm different.


If you use lipstick on your lips then you should also wear lip liner together because the lip liner is durable for a long time and it does not spread at all. If you prefer favorite lipstick, then also use Lip Liner together.

Some people who wear sunscreen, sunscreen, think that if the sunscreen does not make a difference in beauty then here I would like to tell you that sunscreen does not increase the beauty, but it protects your skin internally and with strong sunlight or ultraviolet Rays provide you inner protection.

Insert Sunscreen for Skin Protection

And if you walk in the sun every 4 or 5 hours you must use sunscreen if you do not use it, then your face will be a full-fledged mirror of the poster face and your partner will also have sports and wrinkles on your screen. Might be possible.

So whenever whenever you get out of the sun in the sun, you have only got sunscreen, which will keep your skin completely safe. Most of us are girls or husky husbands, hair stubbornness is a big problem, for this you must use shampoo twice a week.

Be Sure to Use shampoo Twice a Week -

The pollution of trains in our country is that there is something more like this, and if you are of any age you must have shampoo twice a week, which will keep your hair protein and it will always look beautiful, So do not take any carelessness in shampooing if you want to keep the hair beautiful, keep them regularly washing them with good quality shampoo.

Lots of sleep is Also a Part of Beauty Secrets

Taking a lot of sleep is also a part of Beauty Secrets, on a regular basis, go to sleep at regular intervals and at the right time, do not wake up late at night because you return to your home when you are tired of work all day long, or when your body gets tired.

So he is in dire need of rest. Waking up in a tired body late in the night will hurt your health as well. The companion remains completely full of your beauty. If possible, please take a good quality knight cream before sleeping at night.

Hair Massage Once a Month

To take good care of your hair, you must take a hair massage once a month, so that your hair will remain silk like silk and they will also be getting plenty of protein and vitamins. Keep in mind that only the Coconut oil is made from olive oil Your skin can be a little overheated.

If you keep the hair simple, and if you have a little modar, then keep your hair in a stylish look, scattered, scratched hair in two mouth, lifeless hair reduces the charm of your personality, then a good hair cut in your personality If you make four sounds, then you should do as much hair as possible in each month.

If your health is right then your beauty goes to double it automatically and health can be right only when you take care of yourself, I mean to say that eating, balanced and nutritious food at the right time and according to need Exercise your body with your body and your weight according to your body.

To Look Beautiful you Need to be Healthy Beauty Secrets with Water

You must stay at home or at the office or anywhere else in the day, wash your face with cold water, doing this will keep your face glow and you will be able to adjust your body according to your body time. Drink water, because water is the only thing that your health plays a vital role. Therefore, less water is to reduce your beauty.

If you are interested in making new dishes yourself, then we are going to tell you the name of a website here on this website you will find a list of new Indian recipes which are very simple in Hindi language and you can read this block to your house Only one can make a dish more than one if you wish, you can visit it once.

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

11 Amazing Beauty Tips for College Girls

Boys and Girls Beauty Tips

On college day, one of the most wonderful and most memorable days of our lives. After school, the fun of going to a new world is something else where we have no one to stop. In this way every girl wants that when she goes to college, she looks special and different, helps you to showcase special make-up. But if you have never used make-up before this, then your college may be the worst for you on the day. Because in such cases, there are many types of mistakes that make girls make-up, but they reduce their beauty instead of showing them beautiful. If you are going to college too, then today we are going to tell you some beauty tips that will help you find the most beautiful in your college days.

1. Keep in Mind the Beginning

It is most important to understand any college going girl that if your skin is good, it will not be right to make more makeup on it as it can spoil your skin. That is true, so makeup is not so important. If you want to make makeup then you can use Compaq, mascara, lip balm etc.

2. Keep Your Skin Clean

A healthy skin does not require make-up anytime because it looks very beautiful without makeup. In such a way, you must clean your face at least twice a day to keep your skin healthy. Even if you do makeup, then even after you keep your face clean then your skin will remain healthy all the time.

3. Moisturize Your Skin Everyday

If your skin is too oily or more attractive, then you should take special care of your skin. For this you should use a good moisturizer to make your skin soft and shiny. For this, you must use a moisturizer at least twice a day. While buying a moisturizer, you should take care of your skin, buy the right type of moisturizer for the way your skin is.

4. Use Sunscreens

In college days, you often rotate in the sunlight and in such a way your skin is damaged due to sun. So it would be nice to use sunscram whenever you go out of the house, you should use sunscream with SPF 50.

5. Use Nail Paint on Nails

It is not good to make your face beautiful only if you put a nice nail pain on your hands, then your hands will look very beautiful too. If you want, you can use Nail Art as a good one.

6. Face Face

It is not necessary in college time that if you can clean your face with the help of water at all times, then in such a way you can use baby tissue papers available in the market. This will clear the dirt on your skin.

7. Make the Initial Makeup

If there is any black spots on your skin or dark circles under your eyes, always tone your skin well before starting make-up. Then use BB Cream or Foundation on it. This will not show stains on your skin. Only after that you use Compaq and only make a make-up after this. This will make your makeup stay on your face for a long time.

8. Make Your Eyes Look Up

In college days, girls are working late in college till late night. Because of which often our eyes are very tired. In such a way, you can use light shirts on your eyes, and you can use the foundation for your dark circles of your eyes. Your eyes will not feel tired due to it.

9. Use Mascara

Your eyes are very beautiful with mascara. Even if you only go to college by putting mascara on your eyes, you will also look very beautiful. Your eyes get bigger with mascara. Well, in today's market, mascara gets many colors, you can use any other color.

10. Make Paleco Make

Beautiful and enhanced eyes are all liked, but if you want to show your eyes big, you can use the masquerade. But do not even put a maskara at least two or three coats at all. Then only your palms will appear and your eyes will look beautiful.

11. Use Lip Balm

Using lipstick every time is not right, instead you can use lip balm instead. This will not make your lips sticky and they will look soft too. If you wish, you can use the color lip balm in the market instead of lipstick. These will also make your lips pink and they will also get moisturizers.

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Learn the Right Way to Clean Up Makeup Brushes

Boys and Girls Beauty Tips

Makeup brushes play an elegant role in the face of make-up for a special look on the face. This is like a magical stick for you. How to make makeup on your face, to make a face makeup, or to highlight, it plays a very important role in making every step properly. In this way you must have understood, how important the make-up brushes are for our faces. But do you know that as a brush or blushar works to improve your face, your skin can be harmed in many ways, because the use of it always keeps external bacteria in it quickly. If it is not cleaned from time to time, many types of skin related problems can arise. That's why brushes should always be kept clean. If we want to clean up the right way, then its correct way.

If you regularly use make-up brushes, wash them twice a week "

1. The best way to clean makeup brushes is by water and gentle soap. Take a dry tissue and put a little clenzer on it and brush it with it.

2. Take water in a bowl and mix olive oil and shampoo in the same amount. Now dip the brushes for a few minutes in this mixture. After some time, take out the brush and wash it with clean water and keep it on dry towels and wipe them well.

3. If you clean it immediately after making makeup then it will be the best way. As soon as cleansing, hard work seems even less and cleansed properly.

4. Vinager works as a good cleaner. So wash the brushes with vinegar. It clears the entire mess of the brush, then after drying the brush you can be used again.

5. If you want to keep your brushes clean-free, it is very important to clean the brushes. Take the mild soap and twist the wet brushes on it lightly. After that wash the brushes with water. Remember, instead of washing the entire brush, clean it only by wetting bristles.

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