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What to eat at the time of periods?

There is a time for menstruation, that is, period women, when they experience fatigue and lethargy. Some are also victims of depression, which gives birth to anger and anxiety. Also, it is common among periods of crap, poor health and nausea. And also, for the first two days, some women can not even work their routine.

Eat at the right time to have a period

You should take nutritious diet to maintain your health during menstruation. If you take a menstrual diet, it will increase your stamina. Also your organ will work properly and also reduce the pain during this time. This diet contains some foods that give us the energy needed. Let us tell you about the menstrual diet, which will keep you energetic during the period.

Consumption of complex carbohydrate

Include complex carbohydrate such as fruit, vegetable and whole food in your menstrual diet. You can also add carrots, apricots, oranges etc. to your diet. There is a lot of desire to eat sweet during the period. You can overcome this with the above mentioned things.

Dark Chocolate

The time to add chocolate to your diet is the most suitable time. Increases the anti-oxidant serotonin present in it, thereby improving the mood. Therefore, dark chocolate is very important in your menstrual diet.

Vitamins food

It is very important to include vitamins in the diet of your menstrual diet. Vitamin E will help you get rid of PMS syndrome. For Vitamin E, you can eat avocado and egg yolk. Vitamin B6 helps reduce the blufting at the same time. Vitamin C improves the reproductive system. For Vitamin C, you can consume grapes and lemon. Insert potatoes in your diet for Vitamin B6 at the same time.

Avoid caffeine

You should avoid caffeine intake as far as possible during periods. Taking caffeine increases the amount of acid in the stomach, causing pain. But if you have too much caffeine, then drink tea instead of coffee. Tea is not just a better option, but it also eliminates the desire of caffeine.

essential fatty acids

During the period, there is a complaint of crap in the stomach. To avoid these cramps, your diet should be such that you get the essential fatty acids. You can complete the changes in hormones during periods with a diet rich in fatty acids. For essential fatty acids, you can consume flax, loci and sunflower seeds. Among these, the lionic acid is found which loosens the uterus muscles, thereby providing relief from the crap.

Iron Diet

During menstruation, blood is released from the body in large quantities. In this case, you have to make it in the body system again. If your diet is full of iron, then you will be able to do this easily. Even you can increase the amount of hemoglobin along with iron-rich foods as well as eliminating blood loss. It will also prevent you from being weak and stressed. You can use red meat, poultry, meat, dry bean, spinach and green leafy vegetables to get enough iron in it. Include Fude in your diet as much as possible. Drink more quantity of water during the period. Menstrual diet is extremely important to keep you healthy.

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