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         Name: Rakesh Prajapat 
         D. O. B: 16/03/1997
         Age: 21 years
         Education: second year
         Subject: B.com
         City: Jaipur

    Name: Priya Rathore
         D. O. B: 30/01/2000
         Age: 19 years 
         Education:first year 
         Subject: B.com 
         City: Jaipur

Blog information: 

              We have recently started the blog. We became good friends and we thought of sharing our thinking, if that would be useful for the people outside there. Our motive is to aware the people about the natural things for our beauty care. Now a days all want a easy makeup, so they  just make their works easy they just do a makeup which chemically affects the face,they just want a silky hair so they just apply the jel and that makes your hairfall ,many more you will know.

All natural home remedies here.We just want to tell you all about the remedies which can be prepared at home. Some people cannot afford costly outside naturals, so here is easy steps to glow your face, silky hair, hair growth faster, pimple remove remedies, etc,,,, . Just use our remedies because it is all safe and yes, we have tried this all remedies. It will work, so just try and tell us in the comment box.

We wanted you to know the ancient remedies that is  used in ancient and which was very helpful, because of the ancient remedies the rani's face glowed and we all have seen their hairs in movies and books. They dont use shampoo's and conditioners they just use home remedies which helped them. So we want you all to use this remedies and let us know about how it was helpfull for you.So, help us to aware the people about these which can safe their faces and your face will glow even when yo grow old.

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